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Last updated: Feb 15, 02:34 PM
* Note 1: Stock trends are derived from a number of activities related to the stock, each given a weightage and score. The activities contributing to stock scores include:
  • Searches on a stock
  • News & blog posts covering a stock
  • Price target for a stock
  • Announcement on a stock
  • Stock entitlement (bonus, dividend, split, consolidation)

* Note 2: The scores are normalised to have maximum score of 1000. Stock with the highest score has the most activities in the past 2 days.


Top 10 Active Counters
 AAB 0.060.00 
 AAV 2.260.00 
 TD.PF.A 19.160.00 
 PED.H 0.210.00 
 CV.H 0.060.00 
 ABT 9.100.00 
 ABX 17.150.00 
 CF.DB.A 101.490.00 
 XHU 24.620.00 
 GXO 0.650.00 
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