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Renforth drills 18.75 m of 4.59 g/t Au at Parbec
2021-05-18 09:16 ET - News Release
Ms. Nicole Brewster reports
Renforth Resources Inc. has updated shareholders on the results of PAR-21-117, the first hole drilled in 2021, intersecting new gold mineralization, in particular 18.75 metres of 4.59 grams per tonne gold, at a vertical depth of approximately 200 m. This occurs at a place within the resource model where, prior to the recently completed 15,569m program, there was only one drill hole which was collared further to the north, failing to intersect most of the Cadillac Break, in addition, the values obtained in PAR-86-01 were not used in the Parbec May 2020 Open Pit Constrained Resource Estimate.
As can be seen in the section below there were 3 holes drilled in the recent program in this area, results are still outstanding for the first 148m of PAR-21-127 and for all of PAR-21-142.
The mineralized zone in PAR-21-127 was intersected in the lower drill hole PAR-20-106 but it was of a lower grade. Renforth interprets this to mean that the structural zone continues, though the grade varies. The mineralization seen at a shallower depth in PAR-20-106 may also occur in PAR-21-127, however, the first 148m of PAR-21-127 have not been received.
PAR-21-127 Assay Highlights
Drillhole From (m) To (m) Length (m) Gold (g/t)
PAR-21-127 93.5 148 Assays Pending
PAR-21-127 158.9 160.2 1.3 1.81
PAR-21-127 213 214.5 1.5 0.73
PAR-21-127 260.5 279.25 18.75 4.59
including 265.55 272.7 7.15 8.73
which includes 269.5 272.7 3.2 8.11
and also includes 265.55 266.8 1.25 15.76
PAR-21-127 278.9 279.25 0.35 2.79
PAR-21-127 284.15 287.75 3.6 0.96

*assay results presented above are as measured in the core
box and not true width
Samples referred to in this press release were selected, split, bagged and tagged in the field and delivers to the facilities of AGAT Laboratories in Val d'Or Quebec where they were assayed for gold using "202-051 - Au by Fire Assay, AAS Finish" and "202-064 - Au by Fire Assay, Gravimetric Finish" for overlimit (greater than 10 g/t Au) values.

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