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matg http://www.cakap.net/gann-square-of-9/?s=aav&cp=3.66
20/03/2018 11:24

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SANTHRAN Hi Guys, I'm a beginner; expecting some guide from Seniors. Please guide me.
13/01/2013 08:35
20/02/2014 12:20
Derrick Owen <a href=http://facebook.com>hi</a>
01/02/2018 20:54

Posted by ProfitableStocksOnly at Oct 7, 06:54 PM
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ProfitableStocksOnly Washington State Card Room & Casino Statistics Sheet

**Note** - As per WSGC website, due to staffing shortages, Q4 2016 is the most recent statistics from card rooms that they have.

At the end of 2016 there were 65 card room casinos in the state of Washington. Dawn Mangano joined Evergreen Gaming Corporation in June 2017.

TNA Casinos – Riverside, Palace, Goldies, Chips,
Dawn Mangano Prior Casinos – Macau, Caribbean(Casino & Card Room)

Statistics Link: http://www.wsgc.wa.gov/docs/statistics/cardroom-gross/2016-4.pdf

Out of 65, this is where TNA’s and Dawn’s casinos ranked:

Dawn’s Prior Casinos:
Macau Casino - #3 of 65
Caribbean Casino - #8 of 65
Caribbean Card Room - #42 of 65

Evergreen Gaming Casinos:
Riverside Casino - #6 of 65
Goldies Casino - #11 of 65
Palace Casino - #16 of 65
Chips Casino - #23 of 65

What this shows is Dawn Mangano was able to run casinos quite well and out of the 65 listed on the sheet, two of them placed under 10. Compared to Evergreen Gaming which only had one placed under 10. Three quarters have gone by and things could be different, but I believe Dawn will play a huge role in Evergreen Gaming’s growth.

Another important note since some individuals have been worried about online gambling being a hindrance to Evergreen’s growth:

Internet Gambling Prohibited In Washington: http://www.wsgc.wa.gov/publications/brochures/5-165-internet-gambling-brochure.pdf
17/10/2017 15:47
ProfitableStocksOnly Nice article from Simply Wallstreet. Looking forward to seeing TNA's Q3 results end of November and by then their $2 million Tukwila property sale (currently pending) should be completed. I am estimating that the company will earn at least $500,000 US profit. Their Q3 is always a bit slower and I am being very conservative on the earnings, especially after making over $1 million USD last quarter. Their Q1 profit $377,000 net income but that was also hurt by Tukwila still in operation at the time.


Evergreen Gaming Corporation (TSXV:TNA)
Evergreen Gaming Corporation engages in the gaming operations in the United States. Evergreen Gaming is run by CEO Dawn Mangano. With the company’s market capitalisation at CAD CA$17.95M, we can put it in the small-cap group

TNA’s shares are currently trading at -22% beneath its true level of $0.17, at a price tag of $0.14, based on my discounted cash flow model. This mismatch signals an opportunity to buy TNA shares at a discount. In addition to this, TNA’s PE ratio stands at 7.2x compared to its hotels, restaurants and leisure peer level of 19.4x, indicating that relative to its comparable company group, we can invest in TNA at a lower price. TNA is also in good financial health, with short-term assets covering liabilities in the near future as well as in the long run. It’s debt-to-equity ratio of 52% has been diminishing for the past few years demonstrating TNA’s ability to pay down its debt.
30/10/2017 13:22

Posted by ricadonna at Jul 16, 07:35 PM
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